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Working with the best Miami PPC Agency can boost your conversion rate considerably.

Many digital marketing strategies include SEO, social media management, inbound marketing, and more. But if your business wants instant results at the top of search engines, there is no better, faster form of online marketing than pay-per-click advertising, more commonly known as “PPC.”

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Brian Zippin is the founder of Digital Marketing Service Pro and a Partner at Zip In Media Productions. Since 2009, Brian Zippin has helped 100’s of owners achieve systematic #1 rankings while in addition providing top-quality video content. 

Miami PPC Agency: Our Refined, Managed, and Monitored Pay-per-click Advertising

PPC advertising puts your ads and brand at the top of search engines so that anyone searching for your specific products, services, or information sees your website first. It is a great way to quickly overtake your competitors and generate immediate business.

But advertising campaigns(Paid Search) are not a “set it and forget it” style of marketing. They need to be refined, managed, and monitored. Digital Marketing Service Pro (DMSP) is a digital marketing agency that is available to act as your dedicated Miami PPC agency.

Learn more about how our pay-per-click marketing services (Paid Search) can help you. Give us a call at 954-914-7317 today, or fill out our online form to get started with PPC services.

DMSP – Your Miami PPC Marketing Agency

For years, our team has been the leading internet marketing agency in Miami. We help organizations of all sizes run internet marketing campaigns that are designed around their growth.

Our approach to our customers is different from other online marketing agencies. We work with you like we’re a part of your team, invested in your growth. We’ve helped businesses exponentially improve revenue through digital marketing campaigns that are crafted around their products, services, competitors, and more.

We approach PPC the same way. We manage search engine and display advertising by researching what works, what doesn’t, and where the best opportunities are for your investment.

We then continually monitor it to tweak these complex systems in order to deliver the best, most well performing ads available.

We know you have questions. We’re always happy to answer them. Contact us at any time to learn more about how our PPC specialists work, or for a free consultation.

Miami PPC Agency - Pay per click Advertising

About Our Miami PPC Services

Pay per click (PPC) is a type of advertising often used synonymously with Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords), though other search engines like Bing and DuckDuckGo offer the same type of advertising methodology.

Many businesses in Miami, FL especially those that are looking to grow, use PPC campaigns and PPC advertising either as their sole online marketing approach, or as part of a more comprehensive digital marketing campaign.

At DMSP, every service we offer is tailored to your organization, which means that we have to perform considerable research in order to determine the best way to support your business. These include:

PPC Process & Timeline

Long before we set up your ads, we start by researching and understanding your industry. Our Pay per click advertising agency has several tools that we use to analyze what works, what doesn’t, and how to beat other competitors. Speak with a ppc specialist now: 954-914-7317

Paid search can be difficult. We then start the setup process. We create multiple ads, determine keywords using data analytics, and establish pathways to monitor and tweak for conversions.

After setup, we launch the ads. Over the next few months, we’ll continually tweak the setup based on the data. The entire process takes about 2 to 6 months. Once the 6 months are over, we will continue to manage the ads, apply changes based on data, and look for opportunities for greater success, but the ads at this stage should also be steadily bringing in many new leads.

Your Full Service Internet Marketing and PPC Agency – PPC Ads and More

The best way to generate business online is through search engines. However, the amount of marketing required to get into a search engine naturally can be extensive. Complete digital marketing services help you achieve that.

The best way to fast track the process is through pay per click advertising. There is no faster way to reach the top of search engines for your desired keywords, and no better form of fast lead generation. Our PPC management services can make sure that your business is set for successful campaigns that will grow and change with you.

Digital Marketing Service Pro is a complete online marketing firm and digital agency. Our clients turn to us to be their entire digital marketing department, managing everything from:

Tracking and Transparency

Paid search advertising, to be successful, needs to be frequently monitored. Some PPC ad agencies let it run for months without glancing at the data. But we’re committed to your business growth. We’ll continue to perform market research and change our digital strategy based on what the data says.

Above all, we’ll show you what we’re doing. There are no secrets, and we are thoroughly dedicated to transparency for all of our PPC ads services.

Miami PPC Services

Pay-per-click advertising is not a single service. It’s part and goes along with other digital marketing services in the online space. It is a variety of distinctive services that all come together to create a Google Ads campaign that maximizes clicks, reduces costs, and helps you convert the right people to your products and services. Our work includes:

Miami Pay-Per-Click

Keyword Research

Using our keyword research tools, we will identify keywords and search terms that directly relate to your industry, and make sure to have a refined list of terms.

Landing Page Conversion

With our conversion optimization, we will find the right landing pages for your ads and adapt them to convert better or create new landing pages.

PPC Campaigns

We look at negative keywords, ad success rates, and other factors within the data to create multiple avenues to drive leads to your business.

E-mail Marketing

We have the ability to create unique advertisements, including display advertising and video advertising. We will also see if there are other PPC ad sources to consider.

Conversion Rate Optimization

It’s not about clicks. It’s about conversions. Our digital agency will take a look at the data to see if there are ways to improve conversion rate among all clicks.

Google/Bing Ads Management

Most of our clients work exclusively with Google Ads, but we know how to operate Bing ad campaigns as well, which can be more cost effective for some businesses.

Social Media Advertising

In addition to our work with Google, Bing, and other pay per click advertising, we are also intimately familiar with other forms of paid advertising, including social media ads.

Miami Social Media Advertising

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We have the proven ability to help with business growth, offering a range of solutions for a price at less than the cost of a single in-house employee. Our goal is to help you reach your target audience however we can.

Our pay-per-click advertising campaigns are one of the ways that we achieve this goal. Through effective, detailed paid ads that are based on best practices and an eye for detail, our team will help manage your paid search advertising and bring you to the top of search engines to improve clicks and conversions, and ultimately drive revenue.

DMSP is a different type of business. We’d love to show you what we can do. If you’re in need of Miami PPC management services, or you’d like to learn more about our entire digital marketing packages, please contact us today via our online form or call us at 954-914-7317 during business hours.

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